Monday, October 05, 2015
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Where Do We Find Modern-Day Issachars?

FlyRod Flies

Travis is a good friend and an avid, skilled fly-fisherman. I’m not much a fisherman myself, but I do enjoy an occasional trip to the mountains to try my hand at it. So Travis took me out one time to show me some of the basics of fly-fishing. I learned it’s a lot more than knowing how to cast your line. Travis taught me that if you don’t know the nature of the fish you are trying to catch, and their feeding habits, you won’t experience much success. That’s why he always stops by the local fly shop to find out what the fish are biting at the time. He knew the wrong fly would yield poor results.

It can be challenging for those of us who are grandparents to accurately understand the times in which we live, let alone know what to do about it. This is a pop culture that has built a value system and worldview that is dramatically different from the common worldview prevalent when you and I were growing up. How did we get to where we are so quickly and what do we need to know about today’s pop culture to help our grandchildren navigate it and boldly walk in the truth? How do we find out what the fish are biting?

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Living in a World Where Good is Bad

“Teach me Your way, O Lord, and I will walk in Your truth…”  Ps. 86:11a


I remember a story not long ago about a student who was told by his principal and two teachers at his middle school that he was not allowed to wear a t-shirt he had on because it was ‘offensive’. What was so offensive to these school authorities? His t-shirt read, VIRGINITY ROCKS!

What makes something like this so disturbing is that not only is it inconceivable that something good should be considered “offensive” in our schools but that it is not an isolated situation. This incident is representative of the pervasive anti-truth, anti-moral attitude sweeping through America’s schools and culture today.  As grandparents it is difficult for us to fathom how a message like this student’s t-shirt could be “offensive” to anyone. That only highlights what a different world it is than the one of our childhood. 

How should we, as grandparents, respond to the morality void that bombards our grandchildren from every direction? 

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Have a Blessed Grandparents' Day

Happy Grandparents Day Sign

Today is National Grandparents’ Day in the United States. In lieu of my regular blog, I want to use this opportunity to acknowledge the vital role you play as a grandparent and bless you: May you receive the honor and praise due you, especially you who are faithfully living out a legacy worth outliving you—one that makes Christ look great and glorious. May you know on this day how much of a treasure you are to your grandchildren, and may they truly rise up and call you blessed!

Today is not only National Grandparents’ Day, but the Global Grandparents’ Day of Prayer. In 2011 we launched a movement of calling grandparents around the world to intentional prayer on behalf of their grandchildren concurrent with Grandparents’ Day. I invite you to accept the challenge to make this day a time to gather with other grandparents and remember whose Name we lift up as King and Lord, and to battle for the hearts, minds and souls of our children and grandchildren.

Grandparents understand that there is no greater joy than to see their grandchildren walking in the truth. There is also no greater heartache than to know they are not. Today is a grand day for grandparents everywhere to link arms and come into our King’s presence to petition and intercede on their behalf. Who will you link arms with today to pray for your families—your children and grandchildren—and for those who influence their lives?

We pray so that the Lord will keep them from the evil one. We also pray that we may not forget all the Lord has done for us, and that our lives will validate the power, glory and grace of God through Christ our Savior rather than give them a reason to doubt or think our faith in Christ is not real or relevant.

John Bunyan wrote, “Seaman cannot create the wind, but they can hoist their sails to welcome it.” May the sails of our hearts be hoisted and open to receive the wind of the Spirit of God that He may draw us to our knees in repentance and sorrow, that He may anoint and inhabit our prayers of faith and hope for tomorrow, and that He may breathe His Spirit to bring revival and transformation through Christ our Lord generation to generation.

GRANDPAUSE: He is the God of boundless resources. The only limit is in us. Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small; our expectations are too limited. -A. B. Simpson 

Praying Circles Around Your Grandkids

Praying Circles Cropped

You may never be a perfect grandparent, but you can be a praying grandparent! Even our Lord made prayer a regular habit. Prayer was important enough to Him that He even taught His disciples how to pray as well. So, if prayer is important enough that the Son of God practiced it, why would grandparents (and parents) not take it seriously?

Prayer does not require a special calling, spiritual gift, or ordination. It is a privileged and vital responsibility that every grandparent can employ to impact a child’s life for eternity. James reminds us that “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (Jas. 5:16).

Mark Batterson, author of Praying Circles Around Your Children wrote:
    My Grandpa Johnson had a habit of kneeling by his bed at night, taking off his hearing aid, and praying for his family. He couldn’t hear himself, but everyone else in the house could. Few things are more powerful than hearing someone intercede on your behalf. His voiceprint left an imprint on my soul.

I’m following in my grandfather’s footsteps by getting on my knees and praying next to my bed… I realize not everyone inherited a prayer legacy from their parents or grandparents like I did, but you can leave a legacy for future generation.

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What Would Be Different?

No Power

“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone…” I Timothy 2:1

My pastor once asked the question, “if tomorrow every reference to prayer in the Bible mysteriously disappeared, would anything today be different in your life from yesterday”? That was a very convicting question. Dick Eastmen would answer “no”. He has seen the power of God’s people around the world praying. As president of America’s National Prayer Committee and international president of Every Home for Christ, he makes this bold claim, “I maintain that prayer alone will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of finishing the task of world evangelization. And because the obstacles are yet many, we need more prayer.”

If he is correct, then as grandparents we ought to be praying as diligently and faithfully for our grandchildren as anyone, especially as we realize that the world they have to navigate is filled with every kind of evil obstacle. The question we must ask ourselves is whether we believe

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  • Where Do We Find Modern-Day Issachars?

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    Some excellent advice...."Five Things To Do to build a safe, trusting environment" Thank you!


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