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Today’s blog is a departure from my usual weekly posts. I want to share with you a few exciting opportunities being developed at CGN to help raise up intentional, courageous grandparents who are showing their grandchildren what it means to know, love and serve Christ wholeheartedly.

Being a grandparent can be a lot of fun, but it can also have it’s share of challenges and disappointments. That’s life. The question is what will we do with the circumstances we face and turn them into opportunities to speak into our grandchildren’s lives so they can successfully walk in grace and truth? There’s just so much at stake—too much to lose if we do not embrace our biblical roles intentionally and courageously.

There are more grandparents alive and active now than at any other time in human history. With more than 80 million grandparents in the United States alone, we have the voice to make a difference. But to do so we must be own up to our responsibility to authentically and compassionately represent Christ to the next generations. Will you join the ranks of intentional grandparents who want their lives to make much of Christ for the sake of the next generations?

That’s why I want to tell you about a few of the projects that we believe will effectively equip grandparents for this grand role we have been given by God, and how you can make a difference.


We are launching three momentous projects in 2016. I invite you to help us accomplish them. Here they are:

Project #1: Ministry Partner Development and Training

This is the project I get really excited about because we are able to build a team that will multiply our efforts. We have completed our first phase of training Certified Ministry Partners to help us replicate and multiply our teaching ministries, especially as presenters for our Courageous Grandparenting conferences and seminars around the country. We want to continue to build this Ministry Partner team so we can impact more churches and communities in the process of equipping grandparents in their biblical roles.

This project will also train a team of GrandCamp® Ministry Partners who will help us expand the GrandCamp® program at camps, conference centers and churches throughout the United States and Canada. These Ministry Partners would be trained to recruit new GrandCamp® partners and coach them in the implementation of a successful, quality program. Alongside this Ministry Partner initiative is the development of a quality program package for our GrandCamp® host facilities.

Project #2: Grandparents In Action (GIA) Series.

We have identified eight key topics that highlight specific issues for grandparents say they need answers. Each book in the series addresses one of these topics with practical solutions to encourage and equip grandparents so they can provide the greatest possible impact as conduits of God’s truth and grace in their families. These topics include long-distance grandparenting, raising grandchildren, adult children relationships, the critical role of grandfathers, understanding pop culture, untangling the technology web, grandparenting special needs kids, and building a legacy worth outliving you.

The individual topics, written by a variety of qualified authors, will be available individually or as a set. We are excited to provide this resource that will allow grandparents to buy easy-to-read books dealing with specific topics that relate to where they are in their journey.

Proceeds will be used to help fund the development of our Legacy Project that will allow us to revise and create an online version of the Legacy Journal.

Project #3: DIY GrandCamp Guide

This is our 18th year hosting and operating our five-day GrandCamp® programs for grandparents and their grandchildren only. It is an amazing grand adventure in a beautiful setting where grandparents can be intentional about cultivating strong relationships with their grandchildren, growing in Christ together. Hundreds of grandparents and grandchildren have attended these camps and countless lives have been transformed.

As fantastic as GrandCamp® is, many grandparents are unable to attend, or they desire to produce their own family GrandCamp®, but need some help. That’s why we are creating a Do-It-Yourself GrandCamp® Guide to help these grandparents do their own GrandCamp® well. Drawing from a few who have done something similar events, and from our own eighteen years of experience doing GrandCamp® ourselves, we have gathered a treasure chest of ideas and suggestions to make the process easier. This will be a valuable tool for grandparents who want to do their own camp but need some help figuring out all the details necessary to do it effectively. Our goal is to complete this project and be ready to print by Spring 2016.

NOTE: Proceeds will from this project will help fund additional coaching teams for new GrandCamps®, and provide scholarships for needy families to attend a GrandCamp®.

Why am I telling you about these projects? Because we cannot do them without the support of partner champions like you. To accomplish these three project we will need to raise at least $40,000 for the development, production and training required in 2016.

Will you help us reach this goal? I am asking you to become one of our Ministry Partner Champions and help us continue to provide the necessary tools to encourage and equip grandparents for the special roles God has given for such a time as this.

May I count on you to make a significant year-end gift toward one or more of these projects? Five $5000 champions and fifteen $1000 champions would get us to that goal. Can I count on you to be either a $5000 or a $1000 champion for these projects? If you cannot do that, will you help champion the cause with a $50 or $100 or $500 gift? Whatever you can do to help reach our goal will be received with joyful gratitude, and every penny goes to these projects. Click here to DONATE.

Thank you for allowing me to share this project vision for 2016. And thank you for your partnership in the Gospel for the sake of the next generations. May God richly bless you in this wonderful privilege we share together to build a legacy worth outliving us for eternity—a legacy that makes much of Christ and encourages another generation to walk in the truth.

Cavin Harper
Executive Director 

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