How to Make Work a Blessing... Not Just a Job

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Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
(Colossians 3:23)

Labor Day was originally established to recognize union workers. Over time it has evolved to workers in general. However, if you were to ask most Americans, you’d probably find that most people think of Labor Day as a time to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Not much thought is given to honoring workers. When was the last time you went to a Labor Day parade?

Suggesting that Labor Day be a celebration of work would probably not generate a great deal of enthusiasm. After all, many people view work as little more than a necessity to be endured to put bread on the table and a roof over their heads. For some, work is but a means to an end—to make enough money to not work so the dream of a life of leisure can be attained.

Do We Have a Delivery Notification Problem?

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“After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what He had done…” Judges 2:10


We’ve all seen those messages in our email inbox that say: “Delivery Status Failure Notification. Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.” It means something has prevented the delivery of our message to another recipient.  There can be any number of causes, but the result is still the same—an undelivered message.

Have you ever wondered what caused the delivery status failure noted in Judges 2:10 after Joshua and his generation died? Remember, these were the ones who entered and conquered inhabitants of the land God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You would think the stories about God’s amazing power would have been the primary conversation around the tribal bonfires every night.

Don't Let Your Grandchildren Lose Their History


“In a day when children are growing up stunted because of our diet of empty-headed celebrities and contemptible villains, true heroism and manliness need special nourishment.” These words, penned by Os Guinness, describe a reality, not only for manliness, but for godliness in general. We need to remember the stories of truly great men and women so that we do not forget what true greatness really looks like. Hopefully, our story will also serve as a worthy example.

Four Things You Can Do to Make a Difference


“…with God all things are possible.” (Mt. 19:26)

In December 2011 security cameras in the bustling town of Wenzou, China recorded a terrifying incident. A small child throwing a tantrum pulled away from her parents, sat down in the middle of the street, and stubbornly refused to budge. Frustrated, the parents started to walk away.

Suddenly a car turned the corner, ran over the girl and ended up pinning her underneath the vehicle. Security cameras showed several people rushing to the car and lifting up one side so the girl could be freed. It was a thrilling to see strangers rush to the rescue in this high stakes event.

I know of another ‘high stakes’ event needing an urgent response—the hearts, minds and souls of our grandchildren being run over by the lies and deceptions of Satan and a godless world. Our younger generations are being crushed by a world dominated by violence, immorality, hatred, greed and godlessness. Like the parents of the child in China, we cannot risk turning our backs and walking away from the danger threatening the eternal destiny of this generation. The danger is real, and the consequences could be deadly—in more than one way.

Six Questions Worth Asking Your Grandchildren

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Who do you say I am? – Jesus (Luke 9:20)

Have you ever felt brain-dead and tongue-tied at a moment when you knew something was wrong but you couldn’t think of what to say? For many of us over fifty, we most likely grew up not having to deal with a lot of real difficult social questions as kids. Unlike today, we lived in a fairly homogeneous culture on most issues until the 60’s, and even then, we still shared many common values as a nation.

In today’s society sexuality is ambiguous, family is redefined, Biblical authority is disdained, and the opinions of older people are devalued. Knowing how to address some of these issues with your grandchildren can feel intimidating. How do you talk with your grandchildren, especially teens and young adults, about so many divisive social issues dominating our world?

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