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Christian Grandparenting Network is a Christian organization devoted to challenging those in mid-life and beyond to finish the race well as conduits of God's grace and truth so that future generations will know, love and serve Christ. CGN is committed to helping individuals and churches cultivate "intentionality" in inter-generational ministry by focusing on and strengthening the grandparent-grandchild relationship, and taking seriously their role to make much of Christ and His Gospel to the next generations. We live in a time when the darkness of sin and unrighteousness is sweeping over our land with ferocity seeking to engulf the minds and hearts of our youth and young families.

We are in a battle for the minds and hearts of each of the emerging generations of our time because there is a problem with the "light" today. Grandparents are front-line warriors in that spiritual battle!

We are in desperate need of older generations who will step to the plate and hold out the "light" of God's Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, a large segment of our older generation has given in to the modern notion of "retirement," resulting in the greatest waste of human resources in the entire history of mankind. The light has been dimmed if not completely hidden for our next generations.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer declared more than 60 years ago that "a righteous man LIVES for the next generation." At CGN, we believe that is also a biblical mandate from God.

The Church is the last place in our society where all of the generations still gather in one place at least one day a week. Sadly, little opportunity is seized to utilize this "family" gathering to connect the generations in meaningful and life-changing relationships as God intended them to be.

There is a huge need for belonging and connecting among every generation. Yet, because we are so disconnected and compartmentalized, even in our churches, each generation has developed their own cultures which exacerbate the disconnection and sense of belonging to a larger, vital family. The Biblical role of grandparenting is one which can reverse this trend, and build strong healthy families united in God's love and truth.

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