Mission, Vision, Objective & Strategy


A movement of intentional Christian grandparents by engaging, equipping and empowering them to wholeheartedly embrace their biblical roles so their grandchildren and the generations after them would know, love and serve Christ.

Our VISION is to CONNECT ...

Generation to generation and witness millions of Christian grandparents reclaiming the next genration for Christ and His Gospel.

Our OBJECTIVE is to CONVICT today's grandparents to pursue ...

  1. A renewed passion for purposeful living by grace through faith in Christ;
  2. An awareness of and commitment to God's mandate to tell every generation the praiseworthy deeds of God and to make disciples (followers of Christ);
  3. A Spirit-filled response to the urgent need to restore a commitment to Scriptural truth and obedience to Christ in all areas of life;
  4. A commitment to leave a Christ-centered spiritual legacy shaped by a biblical worldview that will empower future generations to compassionately walk in truth, righteousness and love for the lost.


  1. Purposeful, powerful and creative opportunities for inter-generational dialog and ministry that strengthen biblical family relationships, promote evangelism, and build up one another toward full maturity in Christ.
  2. A vehicle for networking numerous resources, people and organizations that are compatible with our cause. Our web site and social media, prayer ministry, teaching seminars, GrandCamps, and ministry relationships with local churches are the primary vehicles for building these networks and growing the movement.

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We need your help to reach our $40,000 Project Goal for 2016 to equip and empower today's grandparents to live out their biblical roles. Our projects include...

  • Ministry Partner training and development
  • GIA (Grandparents In Action) series, and
  • DIY GrandCamp Manual

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Grandparents @Prayer


Grandparents can make a difference by uniting in prayer for their grandchildren and their parents.

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