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Christian Grandparenting Network is committed to serving the church to re-engage the generations through intentional grandparenting. One of the services we offer the church are our Courageous Grandparenting Seminars and Conferences. These are taught by our Executive Director and Founder, Rev. Cavin Harper or other qualified speakers, aimed at strengthening, encouraging, and challenging mature adults towards a more purposeful life as a grandparent and "elder" in the community who represents Christ and the Gospel well to the next generations.

To that end, CGN offers the following COURAGEOUS GRANDPARENTING Legacy Series options for your church or community…


The Courageous Grandparenting Seminars are designed for emerging and veteran grandparents, or parents who want to acquire more tools to engage their own grandchildren more effectively with the Gospel. It addresses the nature of the turbulent times in which we live and outlines a practical and effective game plan for helping our grandchildren know the truth and walk in it in this turbulent world. Click here for details.


These workshops are available as independent sessions from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours each, or may be combined into a half-day seminar.

SPEAK THE GOOD WORD: Unleash the Power of Spoken Blessing

Cursing more than blessing permeates the world our children and grandchildren must navigate every day. As grandparents, we need to understand the nature of the “curses” they live under and become voices of blessing to counter these curses for our children and grandchildren so they can be free to live under the life-giving grace of God. In this workshop you will learn how to unleash the power of the spoken “blessing” as a conduit of God’s grace for your grandchildren and establish a wall of protection against the curses of the world.   (Presenter: Cavin T. Harper; Executive Director)

DON’T WASTE YOUR LEGACY! Live To Outlive Yourself

Each of us leaves a legacy for future generations whether positive or negative. This seminar/workshop explores a new paradigm for the LIVING WILL that focuses on how to live plugged in rather than on how you want to be unplugged. We will examine the meaning and purpose of “assets”, the importance of frontline living, and specific ways to implement a biblical LIVING WILL as a living legacy that counts for your children, grandchildren and for eternity.   (Presenter: Cavin T. Harper)

WAKE UP!: R.A.D., Not Mad Grandparenting

Boomers are emerging on the scene as grandparents in record numbers. The challenges created by today’s cultural trends formed around technology, sexuality, and Post-modernism are unlike anything any other generation of grandparents have had to face in our history. How will Boomers meet these challenges? This seminar is designed to help today’s grandparents understand the times and know what to do. We will learn how to effectively engage the four non-negotiable roles RAD grandparents embrace. Practical suggestions will be offered for each role so that you can be empowered to help your grandchidren walk in the truth.  (Presenter: Cavin T. Harper)

GRANDPARENTING WITH A PURPOSE: Effective Ways To Pray For Grandchildren

Centuries ago Esther risked her life to stand in the gap for her people, the Jews, because she believed G had called to her for such a moment. Today Christian grandparents are being called for another such moment—to stand in the gap with prayer and intercession on behalf of the next generations. This workshop examines ways to effectively pray for your grandchildren and stand in the gap on their behalf.  (Presenter: Lillian A. Penner; National Prayer Coordinator)


We believe that God's Word makes clear that we are not "peddle the Word of God for profit'. Therefore our Conference and Seminars are offered for a minimal cost to cover travel expenses and per diem expenses for the speaker or speakers. Any honorariums beyond expenses are at the discretion of the host church or group. We welcome you to contact us for more information or to schedule a seminar at your location!This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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